KVS POWERCON HEAT TREATED TMT BARS with superior and elastic energy absorbing features are best suited for construction in seismic / non seismic zones, modern construction and structures of high public and strategic importance.

KVS POWERCON TMT BARS are characterized by higher UTS / YS ratio due to which they are capable of absorbing more energy if loaded beyond yield point due to sudden loading as experienced during an earthquake.

KVS POWERCON TMT BARS exhibit minimum Elongation with guaranteed UTS / YS ratio as per BIS. This enables the material to withstand sudden load absorption capacity, which is encountered during earthquake, cyclones, tsunamis etc. thus providing higher safety.

KVS POWERCON TMT BARS are in full conformity with IS : 1786:2008 Grade Fe 415 / 415D, Fe500 / 500D and Fe 550 / 550D TMT Bar 500 SD specifications.
For Tougher Ductility

Ductility is a property which helps in elongation of TMT Bar and prevents it from snapping abruptly. KVS POWERCON TMT Bars have the rare combination of high strength with ductility. Elongation along with its Yield stress / Proof Strees [Uy] of a steel rebar plays a major role in its ductility. Elongation of a Steel TMT Bar refers to ability to elongate before failure. It is an ultimate stress / deformation [Um] at fracture. Yield stress corresponds to the Yield Strength [Fy] : which is maximum load that an element can undertake. UTS or Ultimate Tensile Strength defined as ultimate stress a material can withstand, defines the ductility for the material. Studies prove a higher tensile strength in TMT Bars result in less consumption of steel.


Right from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, our stringent quality control system ensures that every Product of KVS Premiere Group meet the highest standards laid down for the product category.

KVS Premiere group is endeavoring in manufacturing Construction Steel & Structural Sections as per BIS Specifications 2830:2012, 2831:2012, 1786:2008, 2062:2011, 15911:2010

An ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified company and also possess OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification.

Registered and associated with various Central & State undertaking :
  • RDSO (Research Design Standards Organization),
  • MES (Military Engineer Services),
  • IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited),
  • AWHO (Army Welfare Housing Organization) ,
  • DGS&D (Director General of Supplies & Disposals),
  • Uttaranchal Payjal Nigam (Construction Division),
  • PTCUL (Power Transmission Corporation Of Uttarakhand Limited),
  • UPSRTC (Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation),
  • NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation), NHPC (National Hydro Power Corporation),
  • PSPCL (Punjab State Power Corporation Limited),
  • U.P. State Bridge Corporation,
  • UPCL (Uttarakhand Power Corporation),
  • UPPCL (U.P. Power Corporation Limited),
  • UPRNN (Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Limited),
  • U.P. Samaj Kalyan Nirman Nigam, Rural Engineering Services etc.